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Hanaxion has more than 30 years of experience in the supply of IT-related products and services. Working with resellers, systems integrators and distributors, we connect your business with the very best-of-breed, Enterprise-grade products from trusted IT Service Delivery partners.

What we do

We are passionate about building long-term relationships and providing excellent customer service and value for money, whilst making the end-to-end experience smooth and simple. Explore our services below.


Hanaxion can provide post-warranty support, delivered by specialist engineers, to help extend the working life of your equipment.                                                 

IT Security

When large organisations get hacked it makes headline news. Less well-publicised are smaller-scale data breaches. The need to protect your IT environment has never been higher.

Managed Desktop

When creating a business, it’s too easy to get bogged down with managing operational tasks. At Hanaxion, we understand the challenges and have a range of solutions to help.

Infrastructure Support

We provide holistic infrastructure support, delivered by UK-based technical specialists who will identify the root cause and remediate irrespective of where it originates.

Discover all of our IT services

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, working with resellers, systems integrators and distributors, we connect your business with the very best-of-breed, Enterprise-grade products from trusted IT Service Delivery partners.

Navigate IT with full transparency

The world of IT is a complex and often opaque landscape where products are sold on a white-label basis. As a business, you may have limited visibility of which organisation is delivering the service or how many layers of suppliers are involved in the supply chain.

With Hanaxion, you can enjoy an open and transparent experience where all products are procured from trusted partners. We guarantee that all our IT services will be delivered directly from the actual delivery partner – meaning you have peace of mind and reassurance from the outset.

Why Hanaxion?

There are many IT-related products and service providers, so why should your business choose us?

Trust in a UK-based partner

We’re here to help you and pride ourselves in a personalised service that is only a telephone call, email or face-to-face meeting away. At Hanaxion, we take ownership of every enquiry and work on your behalf to a successful conclusion.

Find a cost-effective IT solution

Pay the right amount for your IT products and services. Our customers benefit at a commercial level as we strip unnecessary layers of profit that are a common occurrence in the IT industry. We ensure that the price quoted offers value for money and is reflective of the true cost of the product or service.

Rely on trusted associates and suppliers

We only collaborate with tried and tested associates and suppliers. Every solution we offer is underpinned by our own personal experience working with them, ensuring a strong track record of delivering their promises and up-to-date certification by the vendors.

Our locations

We are a privately-owned business operating in Cheshire, North-West England. However, we can support customers nationally – distance is no object.

Is your email at risk?

Data breaches are increasingly common, yet many fail to understand their true scope. Thousands occur annually across industries, affecting organizations and individuals.

Media coverage often focuses on high-profile cases, leading to an underestimated perception of their frequency. The long-term consequences, such as reputational damage and legal liabilities, are difficult to quantify immediately.

Constantly evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals further complicate the understanding of data breaches. Raising awareness, implementing robust security measures, and enforcing data protection laws are vital to address this issue and help individuals and organizations comprehend the magnitude and frequency of data breaches in today’s digital landscape.

Find out what Hanaxion discovered when we delved into the murky world of Cybercrime.

Our unwavering dedication to your digital well-being is evident through our esteemed Cyber Essentials certification. This certification underscores our commitment to protecting your digital infrastructure against an ever-expanding array of cyber threats.

At Hanaxion, your security takes precedence. Our Cyber Essentials certification serves as a testament to our proactive approach to safeguarding your operations. By adhering to the most stringent cybersecurity practices, we ensure that your sensitive information remains impervious to potential breaches.

In a landscape where cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated, the measures we take become your bulwark against the unknown. This certification isn’t just a recognition of our efforts, but a guarantee to our clients that we consistently prioritize their security. With Hanaxion, you’re not just getting innovative IT solutions; you’re getting peace of mind in an era where digital vulnerabilities abound.

You are choosing a partner that understands the value of cybersecurity. Our Cyber Essentials certification provides you with a competitive edge, instils trust among your stakeholders, and empowers your business to flourish in a secure environment. Embrace the future with confidence – choose Hanaxion for unrivalled expertise, cutting-edge solutions, and a fortified digital tomorrow.

Peace of Mind with Cyber Essentials